Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Let It Snow!

Can I just say that I'm really happy I have awesome friends and people in my life! Because it's true I really, really do!

Moving on.

Last summer I went on an ATV adventure in the High Uintas with one of my besties, Ashley, her hubby Cohl and his best life mate Lance. We stayed in a cute little cabin and had a blast together while we soaked up our time in such BEAUTIFUL place. A few months ago we saw that the people at Bear River Lodge were having a great deal so we jumped at the idea to head back to mountains for some winter fun!

Ashley photo bombs Lance while he takes a selfie
We piled in Cohl's truck on Friday afternoon and headed to the Uintas via Evanston, Wyoming. When we checked in we were happy that we got the exact cabin we had stayed in before. I made us some yummy tin foil dinners that night made with both steak and chicken. Then we just spent time together drinking and laughing and we even made Lance watch Pitch Perfect. He's says he didn't like it but he was laughing most of the movie. So I'm pretty confident that I can make him watch it again sometime hahaha.

Lance, Me and Ashley are ready to ride!

Saturday morning we woke up early had breakfast and got bundled up so we could head out on the mountain. None of us had ever really driven a snowmobile so we didn't really know what to expect but it was such a blasty, blast! We spent about 8 hours exploring the mountains we tried going to Mirror Lake but it was pretty much a white out so we went to Whitney Reservoir instead.

Worst group photo ever! Cohl looks mad. I have no eyeballs, Lance looks drunk but Ashley looks cute!

The snow was as tall/taller than me and Ashley

At Whitney Reservoir there is a little cabin where people enjoying the mountain meet together with a fire, have some adult beverages and just get out of the cold for a bit. We had a great time talking with some of the other riders.

After a cold day on the mountain it was so great to go home to our cozy cabin where we could sit in front of the fire, watch a scary lame movie, and eat some soup that Ashley had been cooking in her crockpot all day.

Sunday morning came too soon. I wish I could have enjoyed another few days up there. But I know I'll go back again soon!

Good friends really improves the quality of life!

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